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CANDOR is an entertainment development and production company that facilitates International Production in commercial, film, television production and new media production as the gateway to filming in the Kingdom of Thailand and North America. Operating simultaneously in Bangkok, Thailand with its North American sister companies located in Toronto, Canada & Los Angeles, USA, CANDOR offers the ability to provide all Services from Development, Production, Post-Production to Delivery to all of its Clientele.

Determined to offer & facilitate the highest level of services, Candor, through it's international partnerships, facilitate international productions and offer our clients access to some of the great co-production treaties between North America and Thailand.

This is Asia's time. Over the next 10 years, both economically and from an entertainment standpoint, the change will be dramatic

Ashok Amritraj, CEO of Hyde Park Entertainment


CANDOR’s on-going relationship with The Thai Government and The Thai Film Office enables it access to the many benefits of internationally-trained and cost efficient Production Crews and Cast in Thailand which is further enhanced by many other factors such as Zero Tax on Below-Line International Crews and 10% Above-Line of ‘declared’ income while in Thailand. The Thai Government is presently considering VAT refund (7% value-added tax on goods and services) while its Board of Investment (BOI) incentive of Zero Tax on gross income for 8 years applies to CANDOR.

Thailand is a non-union, right-to-work country having Production Costs (on average) at 54% below international crews and a dollar cost averaging, the longer the shoot the more cost effective it becomes. Thai Crews deliver 12 hour day’s standard flat rate at 50% of US crew rates for 8 hour days with Unit wages on a crew of 80 averaging USD50K/week. Tends to beat all other countries Tax Incentives and Rebates all to heck.

In North America CANDOR can provide fully approved status to municipal, provincial and federal levels of government with access to North American Film & Digital Technology and Crews including world-renowned Payroll services and 3D infrastructure. CANDOR also has reputable legal, marketing and direct access to Major Studios & Talent Agencies and is able to take advantage of the variety of International Co-production Treaties as well as a variety of Tax Credit Incentives. Canada is a right-to-work country in both union and non-union representation with ongoing trade agreement with the USA that have been of major benefit to both countries for decades

Thailand is in an ideal position to build an efficient production infrastructure to become the region’s media hub

Bill Bowling

Meet the team



Ken has a wealth of experience, both in front of the camera and behind. Fluent in English, Dutch, Thai and several other local Asian dialects, he has extensive business management skills, including project design / film development, implementation and management and is CANDOR’s go-to entertainment professional in Thailand and the surrounding area.


Executive Producer

John is an experienced, award-winning Producer with more than 66 Feature Films, TV movies, series and specials, that have garnered over 30 Emmy and other international awards, John is an accomplished Producer with accreditation with Film Finances Completion Bonding Company and AON/Reid-Stenhouse/Ruben-Winkler Entertainment Production Insurance.


Post-Production Consultant

Tony is an award winning editor with years of hands-on experience in film & broadcast post-production. He has extensive knowledge of a vast array of traditional and experimental acquisition, editing and finishing techniques with a thorough understanding of numerous post-production workflows. Tony is currently based out of the Middle East.

I cannot imagine working with a local production company more connected, proactive, supportive and humble than Candor

Craig Ormiston, producer


Candor has proven that they can steer a project through to completion and delivery, on-time and on-budget.

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